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I'm the mothafuckin P.I.M.P.

As many of you may well know, Ian Stewart (UWW icon and dog track
cognoscente) is leaving Whitewater at the end of this semester. After
thorough deliberation, the Ian Stewart Sendoff Committee (ISSC) has decided
to mark the event by establishing the Geneva Lakes Kennel Club's 50¢ night
on Friday, December 19th as the Ian Stewart Commemorative 50¢ Night.

ISSC wants you to attend!

50¢ night means dog track admission, programs, soda, beer, popcorn, coffee,
pizza slices, and hot dogs are all only 50¢. For those of you who haven't
been to the dog track before, know that betting is optional (many people
don't bet), the minimum bet per race is $2, and simply being there to chat
and people watch is a good time. New and don't know what dogs to wager on?
Just bet on whatever Ian does, no matter how harebrained it seems....his
bets have a bizarre way of paying off.

Unless you make other transportation arrangements, meet in the Wells lobby
at 6:15 sharp on Friday the 19th to car pool to the dog track (it's in
Delevan, across from the monstrosity that is super Wal-Mart).

ISSC urges you not to pass up this opportunity to have a blast while giving
Ian a proper sendoff!

Best regards,

Adam Olson
Secretary and General Counsel, ISSC

PS Please forward this email to anyone who might be interested.
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