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I just had this conversation, word for word, with a concerned parent of a WW student:

Me: Office of Residence Life, this is Ian

Concerned Parent: You, uhh.. you got them.. uhh.. computers?

Me: *pause*

Very Odd Parent: *cough*

Me: What was that again, sir?

Very Odd, Possibly Drunk, Parent: You know, uhh.. *cough* .. where you got them computers, yes?

Me: I'll transfer you to ResNet.

Brain Dead Parent: Thank, uhhh.. *cough* Them got the computers there?

Me: *pause*

Potentially Incarcerated Parent: *hangs up the phone*

i am very concerned about this person's well-being. and, given that said person can (at the very least) operate a telephone, i might even be concerned about my well-being, or at least ResNet's.

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