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right, so graye interviewed me

here's the jim dandy Q&A session

as the rules of this go, if you want ME to quiz YOU then drop a line in the comments, see

1) Where does your soul reside?

That's an overly deep question. To be honest, I think my sould spreads itself out among many areas, currently, though it was quite dedicated for the last 3 years or so. Right now it's flailing away, searching for direction. I'll let you know if it ever finds another resting place.

2) If you could do that thing you've resigned yourself to never doing in life, what would it be?

I'm going to go with a schoolboy cliche on this one, simply because it had always been my dream and I know it will never come true:

Hitting in Milwaukee County Stadium (now deceased) for the Milwaukee Brewers. Doesn't even have to be a home run, doesn't have to be in the world series, none of that. Just a shot, the shot Moonlight Graham never got in Field of Dreams.

3) If you forgot your name but had the opportunity to give yourself a new one, what would it be and why?

Jeeves. I'd never have to worry about finding a job. (if you must ask me why a man named Jeeves would never have to find a job, I shall deem you a moron)

4) Retirement: An RV or a condo in florida?

given the two choices, gotta go with RV. Florida has _way_ too many mosquitos, alligators, and annoying sports teams. RV's can be made to be swank-assed, Florida cannot.

5) What's the worst drink you've ever had and the best drink you've ever had?

well, the worst I ever HAD is easy - madolan's little brother Adam, who enjoys looking into things, mixed me a mug of hard liquor that included, at the very least:

the thing of it is, it was at least 1/3 scotch.. and I drank it all AT ONCE. then, I immediately fell down. I believe it was at this time that madolan hit me in the back with a fire poker, but there is no reason for me to remember that accurately.

The worst drink that I never had was almost forced upon me by madolan's sweet little rommate, Cole. It was gin and milk. I didn't drink it, and I am a better man for not.

While my current favorite drink is the trendy jagerbomb, and my default (see icon) is miller high life, the hands-down best drink I've ever tasted is the Spy's Demise at Milwaukee's safe house, an infamous spy-oriented bar. The drink's taste can only be described as "red" and, to prove that I like it so well, I have at least a dozen drinking glasses that bear it's name
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