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On the subject of video games, I've been both annoyed and raptured of late. See, three of my favorite series of games all dropped a sequel within about 8 weeks of each other. You can see the conundrum, here. Without extra limbs (and Xboxes) I can only play one video game at a time. This is no good. Lionshead, Harmonix, Bethesda: NEXT TIME KEEP THIS IN MIND.

For the uninitiated, the three games in question are Rock Band 2, Fable 2, Fallout 3. Without question, they all rule.

I've been thinking about where they all fit into my video game hierarchy, but any sort of ranking will be biased by recent gameplay. SO! Without further ado, I'm simply going to list (in no particular order) the games/series that stand out in my life, with the system I played them on and a brief description of same.

Fallout: The latest instance is currently winning the battle of the aforementioned three. Then again, it dropped last, so I had time with the others ahead of time. I haven't even finished the 3rd installment yet but it proves to be worthy of the series. Special shout-out here goes to the oft-overlooked Fallout Tactics which featured some great multi-player action with control_group and comkilserv. (PC, Xbox 360)

Fable: The original was bought for me, secondhand, by bizarre. Score! They combine an expansive world, interesting plotline, and sims-like role-playing choices. Bonus points for Fable 2's addition of a fantastic companion dog. (Xbox, Xbox 360)

Rock Band: Until the releases of Fable 2 and Fallout 3, this was clearly my addiction of choice. With weekly downloadable songs, the game renews itself so frequently that it never finds a home on the shelf. Combine that with the game's role in fostering a pair of great friendships with rosebudkb and tener_duende, and RB covers all the bases. (Xbox 360)

Diablo: Admittedly, I only played the second installment and the following expansion. Doesn't matter. This game is point-and-click wankery at its finest, and I am looking forward to the third Diablo whenever it comes out. (PC)

Civilization: I was really busy playing sports games (more on those later) when the first two dropped, but that didn't stop me from going whole hog into the 3rd. As a history/poli sci sort of guy, this game is right up my ally. There really isn't a better random video game moment than the announcement, "Hitler founds Judaism (Berlin)". (PC, Xbox 360)

Goldeneye: I stunk at this game. Does not matter. Playing multiplayer as Oddjob, crouched in a corner with a Klobb, is worth a laugh. Even if that is all you're capable of doing for the first three months of playing the game. This game was, for nearly a year, the only game I owned for the N64 ("bond box"). (N64)

All Star Baseball: Surprisingly, the only baseball series on this list. All others come with significant flaws, but from year to year ASB proved to be a very solid representation. Sure, you could make a 6'10 Japanese knuckleballer, but that WASN'T THE POINT. Very few technical glitches to be taken advantage of, either. Honorable mention in this category would have to go to RBI baseball and Baseball Simulator 1.000 but those were barely baseball. (N64)

Dune: Death Hand Approaching! This game was so freaking addictive. Build, build, build. Spice, spice, spice. War, war, war. And it didn't even have Sting! comkilserv and I spent many an hour holed up playing this, listening to Jar of Flies, and eating craisins. Don't knock it until you try it. (Sega Genesis)

Mario Brothers: Yeah, yeah. But they were always groundbreaking and always fun. My favorite was SMB3 for both gameplay and the fact that I had it in the hospital with me while recovering from a ruptured/gangrenous appendix. (NES)

NHL '9_: Another favorite of comkilserv and myself. We beat up on dylan43 very consistently with a bevy of underwhelming players such as Sweeney and Ruutuu. The secret to defeating comkilserv was making sure Pink Floyd was on in the background. I think NHL '95 sticks out as my favorite, for whatever reason. (Sega Genesis)

Anything by Maxis: The list would be entirely Maxis if I didn't cheat and lump them together. I've played - and loved - all versions of SimCity they've yet come out with, SimLife, SimEarth, SimAnt (DING), The Sims, and most importantly SimTower (complete with babingatron reference in the manual) and the amazingly unheralded RoboSport. (Mac, PC)

HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy: This, without a doubt, is the most fun one can have while gaming. It is nerdy, geeky, sarcastic, and a complete asshole all at the same time. From the instant you start playing, all of those become completely clear as you check your inventory to find that you have in your possession: a ratty nightgown, a splitting headache, and no tea. (Apple 2E)

that was fun. i want craisins.
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