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hey you! out there in the cold! I'M GONNA BEAT YOU SILLY

the following people are on my list:

1. anyone who works for visa or citibank. i hate you.
2. in specific, the two young adults who are pictured on the new visa mailers. IF I SEE YOU, I WILL PUNCH YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE. (so, uhh, if any of you have done any modeling for visa recently, steer clear) (i'm looking at you, kingfox)
3. desk workers in the Lee/Fricker complex. you are, collectively, the dumbest people on the planet. I spend hours every day, wondering who tied your collective shoes for you. IN FACT, if you work at the Lee or Fricker front desk, you better look down and make sure you're wearing _shoes_, or if you're actually tromping around with two waffle irons on your feet. maybe that explains why your waffles taste funny, and your feet are really warm. MORONS.

yeah, so there's the list

look out

you've been warned
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