MC Gatorade (assfingers) wrote,
MC Gatorade

bizarre says i don't don't post "REAL POSTS" enough

so here you go

i had a fuck of a fantasy football draft. i mean, i owned.
the brewers are rocking and i am prepared for them to continue to do so.
i am fucking going to own fable 2, rock band 2, and fallout 3.

if any of the prior three are a problem for you, feel free to suck it.

i am also trying my damnedest to get a new job,
seeing that my current job is full of dildoes
and i have a recently acquired degree

if any of the previous three annoy you, fairly sure you can lick my ass

the rest of:
working on the end of the Union coupons = beacoup free ice cream
working on the end of the Bucky Book = primo free dinners
working on the SO's major complaints = WHOO MUCHO VIRGINEY
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