MC Gatorade (assfingers) wrote,
MC Gatorade

6 random things about me because Mr Bunnyman is a jerk?


1. On the first day of the semester in I think 2000, I pooped in four states in the same day. Awesome.
2. As a kid, I had chicken pox twice. Not awesome.
3. I’ve met Paul Molitor, Jim Powell, Bob Uecker, Dan Plesac, and Barry Alvarez. And Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. And I’ve SEEN Chuck D and Russ Feingold, closely enough to know that they’re both wimps. But also close enough to not tell them that.
4. I am a rock star.
5. Reportedly, the first movie I saw in the theatres was Star Wars. If true, this really rocks. But it came out approximately 2 days after I was born, so I kind of doubt it.
6. I only get out of bed if there is a 0 at the end of the time on the alarm clock. And other OCD things like that.
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