MC Gatorade (assfingers) wrote,
MC Gatorade

So abmann is sponsoring some take-a-picture-of-your-dump-in-public meme, which I think is pretty gross.

Alas, I don’t have a camera so for this week, I’ll just have to talk about all the public bathrooms I visit.

Feel free to participate in this adjunct meme! Tell us all about your public 1s and 2s! We’re just dying to know how the facilities treat you this week.


I used the 4th floor bathroom in the Memorial Union. I didn’t HAVE to go, but I could so I did. It killed a couple minutes, if you include the walk… and a couple more if you count the post. There wasn’t anyone in there but I used the urinal anyway for some reason. I hate urinals. I swayed around a little while using it which can be fun sometimes. This time it was more because I was tired than anything else.
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