MC Gatorade (assfingers) wrote,
MC Gatorade

I usually don't like going with the Badgers when filling out brackets. Two reasons: they've been flopping in the tournament lately (UNLV? que?) and more importantly, everyone in the state always over-picks them and, in picking against them, one is afforded a strategic advantage. I enjoy strategic advantages, and I also enjoy the 300 smackers they can get me.

That said, I am wavering between having them in the elite 8 and final four this year. Their draw is that good... any other two seed would wallop them, I think, but Georgetown is a team that they can handle. The score might be 13-11 but I think they have a fairly good chance. Of course, those two teams getting to that point is all conjecture... yadda yadda yadda etc etc etc your mom. They might be able to take Kansas, too. But I think I might have Clemson upset Kansas, and UW would destroy the Tigers.

In any event, UCLA is going to win the tournament in a walk. Kevin Love should be the player of the year and Tyler Hansbrough had sex with a little boy. Rounding out the Final Four are the upstart Pitt Panthers.

Notable upsets are Temple over Michigan State, Memphis getting knocked out by the aforementioned panthers, and Baylor beating Purdue. That's right, the big ten smells like a foot. It's OK; your mom does too.

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