MC Gatorade (assfingers) wrote,
MC Gatorade

My watering hole is going away.

My favorite bar & grill, that I have been going to for 25+ years, has less than a month remaining.

Many memories are cloudy, some due to youth and some due to their choice libations, but Waters has marked many an occasion.

2 St. Patricks Days, 3 New Years, and at least 5 of my own birthdays.

The one-pitcher-of-every-tap night, the night that chairtomorrow ordered milk and we left a note from Dr Bananas, the "happy birthday fuckface" ice cream cake, countless melodramatic sojourns with countless friends & family.  Cindy.  The Bens!  Cribbage in the corner and the world's best (though I never had it) clam chowder.  A marriage proposal, though not my own.  I even made a CD of the tunes we always played on their crappy, intermittent jukebox.

boo.  boo I say.  and boo again.
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