MC Gatorade (assfingers) wrote,
MC Gatorade

Keep turning up the heat!

Great baseball weekend. Recap:


Left work an hour early to check into the hotel before the game. We stayed at a Best Western just about a mile from the stadium, and avoided parking fees by walking directly to the stadium. This was acceptable, as we weren't tailgating at all. We had seats in section 209 (not good, not bad), and enjoyed watching the Brewers destroy the Pirates 10-0. I had 5 hot dogs.


After checking out of the hotel, we hit up the Milwaukee Public Museum to kill a few hours. Taxing on the feet, but otherwise enjoyable. Upon entering the stadium, we saw Brewers GM Doug Melvin and his incredible moustache. No one seemed to recognize him, though, so I didn't want to bother the guy. Our second celebrity encounter occurred when we sat down (sec. 104, bleachers) and there were Craig Coshun & Davey Nelson. I had no idea where their nook was prior to the game, so it was fun to watch them do their pre-game from 15 feet away. We enjoyed watching the Brewers humiliate the Pirtates again, 6-3. I ate 7 hot dogs.


I watched the game from bed with the cat. It was a bit more nerve-wrecking (only won by 2) and there weren't any hot dogs at all. After, we went and saw Spidey 3 which I can definitely say was the least bad of the 3 movies in the series.

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