MC Gatorade (assfingers) wrote,
MC Gatorade

alrights jerks and jerkettes, it's on

i am back enrolled, officially, at the craptastic university of wisconsin-whitewater

i will most likely be following the comkilserv get-an-undeserved-political-science-degree-in-one-easy-semester program, just to get that fancy little piece of paper on my wall, you know, the one that all your various and assorted parents (mine included) jibber and jabber about constantly. oh, and as it turns out, this piece of paper makes you more pieces of paper... but green ones that help you buy things like candy, booze, and video games.

i won't be doing anything silly like quitting my current job or anything. this'll be a night-and-online class extravaganza.

i suppose i should probably meet with an advisor, though, on account of i honestly don't recall how many different programs i've been grandfathered out of, and there's probably a dozen or more that fall into that category now that i've been gone for several years again.

plus i seem to have forgotten how to capitalize letters, so some instruction in that area probably wouldn't hurt either.

i start in august or september or whatever.
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