MC Gatorade (assfingers) wrote,
MC Gatorade

Just arrived home from the Little Blue Crunchy Things show @ the High Noon Saloon here in Madison. Also attending were bizarre, _guy_incognito and some dude named Stefan that works with Sr. Incognito.

I haven't seen them in seven years, mainly because they've been broken up for seven years. They've done a couple reunion shows (this and tomorrow's in MKE are just that) but I haven't been able to catch them.





Now, I've seen Ken with his new main project, The Kissers, and with some of his side projects... but that does not stack up to the real deal. Noah's stage presence, amazing vocals, and the dual sax/dual percussion is just amazing. They were in step like they had been playing shows for the entirety of their breakup.

madolan, Noah mentioned that the last show they ever played was at the now-a-pile-of-ashes O'Kayz Corral. Was it really 7+ years ago that you set your own booty free, and then proceeded to grab Noah's?

WOW. Good times, great oldies.
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