MC Gatorade (assfingers) wrote,
MC Gatorade

Listen, Cal Ripken & Tony Gwynn both deserve induction to the Hall of Fame, and both were voted in on their first ballot. That they didn't get in unanimously is weird, but then again no one EVER has. BBWAA FTW.


  • Albert Belle at 3.5%. Yes, his career ended early. So did Kirby Puckett's. Yes, he was a world-class douche. So, as it turns out, was Kirby Puckett. Bad Albert was a terror on pitchers for upwards of a decade. 3.5%?

  • Goose Gossage still hasn't made it, but Bruce Sutter made it last year. Okay, why?

  • Jim Rice? Andre Dawson? Both may sneak in next year, with near-exact contemporaries Dave Parker and Dale Murphy getting almost no support.

  • Alan Trammel & Lou Whitaker. Does playing one's whole career in Detroit automatically preclude one from the HOF? I don't see that in the bylaws.

  • Steve Garvey is better than Don Mattingly is better than Will Clark? Explain to me how that is not exactly backwards.

  • Where's the love for Bert Blyleven? He only has 4 more years, I think, and is almost sure to miss out on enshrinement. Don Sutton and Gaylord Perry made it, but he and Tommy John will not? Irrational.

  • Not sure what I would do about Big Mac, if I were to have a vote. Purely on numbers, I think he's a lower-end HOFer but a HOFer nonetheless.

  • There's a dude with a unicycle in the hallway, but that has little to do with the rest of the post.
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