MC Gatorade (assfingers) wrote,
MC Gatorade

I don’t get it.

Doyle, a below average governor and fairly shitty politician, wins by more than he should have won by/expected to win by. (that’s good, BTW, but whatever)

The marriage amendment passes, and overwhelmingly so. It passed by less in SOUTH GODDAMN DAKOTA.


On a national level, t’s nice that the senate (at it least it looks that way) & house switched, and locally it’s nice that Mark Green can kindly fuck off, but the marriage issue depresses me more than any of the others please me. Fuck.

I'd move to Canada except graye says they've become a little whacky up there too.

One can only hope that the flip-flop of the Congress puts some sort of pressure on Bush, who is as interested in positive PR as he is in being an inept bully nitwit, to revisit his stem cell policies, another critical issue for Wisconsin.

And with that, I have finished my biannual political LJ rant. You wouldn't know it by posting, but I am highly political... I just feel that LJ is not the best place to converse about it.
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