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post spring break, it seems

well then! been off in a different portion (upstate NY to be precise) of the country for the last week, and it was quite the good time indeed

highlights included:
* Niagara Falls
* Baseball Hall of Fame
* New Hat (retro brewers)
* Exciting amounts of upstate NY beer (Serenac, for the most part)
* College basketball viewing (Go Marquette, Syracuse.. good season Badgers.. good riddance Kentucky/Duke/Zona)
* Saw all but 3 of my cousins, every living grandparent, many aunts (& ex-aunts) and uncles (and great uncles)
* Stopped at Ed Debevic's in Chi. on the way home
* Left my wallet in mom's car
* Did not write my paper that is due tuesday
* Did not write my paper that is due thursday
* Purchased a 1.75 liter bottle of Jagermeister (never seen one here in Wisc)
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