MC Gatorade (assfingers) wrote,
MC Gatorade

Taste of Madison rundown

Garlic & Butter Shrimp (Coliseum Bar) - bizarre
Teriyaki Chicken on a Stick (Bluefin) - shared
Cheese Curds (Daddy Rocks) - shared
Battered Fries w/ Cheese (Daddy rocks) - shared
BBQ Sampler [rib, pork, fries] (Po' Boys) - bizarre
Beer Brat on a Stick (JT Whitney's) - assfingers
Chocoholic Cheesecake (Grace Cheesecakes) - shared
Italian Beef (Zaf-Ole's) - assfingers
BBQ Pork (Zaf-Ole's) - bizarre
Chicken Wings (Bourbon St Grill) - assfingers
Vanilla Bean & Fresh Berry Panna Cotta (Lombardino's) - assfingers
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Eggroll (Bluephies) - shared (favorite of the day!)
Corn on the Cob (Damon's) - bizarre
Banana Foster Sundae (Queen Anne's) - assfingers
Tiramisu (Elegant Foods) - shared

Also ran into abmann and lady_fox, which was quite pleasant indeed. Except for abmann, who is a jerk. Because it says so on the internet.
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