MC Gatorade (assfingers) wrote,
MC Gatorade

Snow + Thunder & Lightning = REALLY FUCKING WEIRD

in other news, I seem to have finally recovered from my bout of equine herpes. I'd still been coming in to work (for a few hours a day) to prep for a meeting today. With a dude from Wauwautosa and a chick from Waunakee. ODDLY ENOUGH IT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. I COULD HAVE BEEN ASLEEP FOR THE LAST THREE DAYS. FUCKERS AND SLUTS.

anyways, good job by the basketball boys last night. I wasn't sure that they had it in them.

contrary to a prior post, kingfox and bizarre aren't virtual assholes. In fact, they're keen and/or happening.

also, despite the best efforts of the USPS, I have gotten a pretty swell package in the mail. THANKEE.
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