MC Gatorade (assfingers) wrote,
MC Gatorade

Friday: Popcorn. ohsochewy & homullus, alibee & scrubbo. phearinc & nic_k, comkilserv & dragodonna, chairtomorrow & pepper0282. The only two that aren't married or engaged to each other are chairtomorrow and pepper0282, though I think that could be rectified if pepper0282 keeps wearing pink shirts with pink ties.

Saturday: Bowling. back2me. control_group and kazac. Based on commentary, control_group might be looking into the pink shirt and pink tie market. The disclaimer, of course, is that he had imbibed 3 liters of beer before fondling me and claiming that his sexual orientation had shifted completely.

Sunday: Braves v. Astros. Packers v. Saints. Braves v. Astros. Braves v. Astros. Braves v. Astros. XBOX. Braves v. Astros. Braves v. Astros. Nap. Braves v. Astros. Angels v. Yankees.
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