MC Gatorade (assfingers) wrote,
MC Gatorade

(Oliver Perez, Pittsburgh pitcher, dogs a groundball)

Bob: Well, he went after it and dropped it. Kind of nonchalantly went after it, picked it up. Dropped it again. Tossed it to first, faked falling down. Man, this guy would do the WWF proud. Safe, call it an error. Really?! They caught Bruno Hauptman, too.

Jim: Man, Bob, I thought I was a curmudgeon!


(Jason Bay, Pittsbugh outfielder, makes a routine catch)

Bob: Bay curmudgeons that one for an out.


(About Perez again)

Jim: Well, you're kind of picking on him.

Bob: I'm picking on him a lot! And I'm not done!

Bob: He'll be at the press conference after the game, "Man, I had a shutout going until I curmudgeoned that one in the fifth."


I am so going to miss baseball.
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