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Tales From the Bus (Vol. 2)

First: Thanks to splifford for the peachy keen bus icon used here. It's way cooler than the one I made. Hurrah!

Second: Strange things afoot on the #15.

Crazy GI Joe Lunchbox Guy is up to his old tricks. He won't shut up about Lost, Alias, or Serenity. Those of you that want me to watch any of these programs really should get ahold of this guy and take care of his blabbering. Every time he speaks my urge to see these things goes down. Also, I have no idea why he gets on at my stop in the morning, but gets off two stops earlier at night.

The Girl Previously Referred to as Crazy Girl that Sits by Crazy GI Joe Lunchbox Guy is being renamed, for two reasons. First, she doesn't always sit by him anymore. Second, she has been spotted wearing more math shirts. I give you: Crazy Math Shirt Girl. I also spotted her entering MY APARTMENT BUILDING WITH SOME OLD GUY. I think that she lives next door, though.

As for Crazy Couple That I Don't Understand, there's been some odd behavior. They haven't been going home at the same time anymore, and the dude is getting on at a different stop on the way home. Also, this morning, they weren't wearing hats. Bizarre behavior, I say.
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