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Tales From The Bus (Vol. 1)

Some of you know that I ride the bus to my new job. Now the rest of you do. It's not too bad, really. I do need to make a bus icon, though.

The most interesting part is the people, really. I've decided to chronicle them here on the ol' LJ for my (and maybe your) amusement. Well, at least until I get bored with it.

I'll start today by listing the main cast of characters, so far. I'll get into more juicy stuff in the next installment.

CRAZY SUITJACKET MAN: This fellow always wears a suitjacket, but never wears a tie. He prefers to stand in the rear exit well of the bus. He does seem rather jovial, however, so he's all right in my book.

CRAZY GRINNING VIETNAMESE GUY: I have no idea why he's grinning all the time. I certainly have my eye on him, but not for very long because he might grin at me and I might freak out.

CRAZY G.I. JOE LUNCHBOX GUY: He's about my age, and his nickname really describes his persona to a T. He seems to like sci-fi TV. He usually sits next to:

WEIRD CHICK THAT SITS BY CRAZY G.I. JOE LUNCHBOX GUY: She seems content to listen to CGIJLG's stupid rants, but I don't know why. She frequently wears math-related T-Shirts.

CRAZY GREEN PEN CROSSWORD GIRL: I could never do a crossword while standing up, let alone standing up on a bus. Props to you, CGPCG.

CRAZY COUPLE THAT GETS ON AT MY STOP: This dude is a complete doofus, and the girl looks like she could (and, usually, is on the brink of) just beating his ass. They both wear hats, always. She would be good looking if not for a horribly cliche nosering and a horribly cliche tattoo.

SKINNY GIRL WITH BIG NOSE and SKINNY GIRL WITH BIGGER NOSE: They get on at the same spot. I wonder if they're related.

CRAZY PROFESSOR MAN: This dude sometimes carries tomatoes around in a sack. He has ancient glasses, an ancient hairstyle, and chats with the driver a bit too much for my liking.

CRAZY SWEATY HEAD BALD MAN: Avoid at all costs.

MARK CUBAN LOOKALIKE: He wears scrubs and gets off at Farley. I wonder what HE does. He talks on his cellphone at a volume only acceptable for people that are using a blowdryer and a chainsaw at the same time.

Again, we'll get into the drama next time. Enjoy.
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