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  • It's going to rain. It will stop before I leave the office. I know this, because the gods (if any) wish my car to remain dirty forever.

  • In case you were wondering, I would prefer it if you didn't merge the red mustang that your daddy bought you directly into my car. I know you want to get to The Gap as soon as possible, but one key to driving is learning how not to injure yourself and others.

  • Irony? Or just lame? Billy Hall ranks #1 in ESPN's top 10 plays for last night; Billy Hall's defensive miscue in the 11th costs the Brewers the game.

  • I think I have decided that, what with the students coming back soon AND with summer in the inevitable decline phase, that trips to the Union Terrace may have to become more frequent. This starts on Friday. Everyone except graye is invited.


  • We really need to hire a replacement for our student that graduated in May. How I loathe filing. A student with a nice turkey, like that of the prior student, would be preferred.

  • I have leftover grilled pineapple chunks. Oddly, they're not as good as grilled pineapple chunks. They're also not as good as canned pineapple chunks. Perhaps I will throw them on a pizza. Perhaps I will throw them on a control_group.

  • The lack of quality construction by the manufacturer of my new Polish Sausage Racer keychain is unsettling. When a keychain loses paint when it is in direct contact with, you know, KEYS.. something is amiss.
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