December 26th, 2008

basket bitches

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hi buttheads

happy jesus' birthday to all!

i'm celebrating one week off of work with a second week of no work. this is a trend that bears continuation. getting paid to play xbox and eat tacos seems to be a winning scenario for this hearty journalist.

keep your eyes, ears, and virginias open for our new movie! "Well, Goodnight" (by the estimable tener_duende and rosebudkb) features Miss 'zarre and myself and is certain to set your loins ablaze. it premieres shortly. come to our as-yet-unannounced party to avoid beatdowns.

kingfox continues to be a chump.

_sterno_ continues to be a jerk store.

bizarre continues to be a HOTTAY. this would, of course, be easier to exploit if she were to be among the living. this hardly occurs.

graye continues to be a world class butt ass.

my fluctuation as to how to handle this particular area of web-based nonsense simply continues.
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