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I am not a jerk

13th March, 2006. 9:28 am.

Provocative. It looks like Pitt might be my sleeper this year, and Marquette looks like it has a nice draw as well.

Teams that will not live up to their seeds:

2. Florida
3. Boston College

Inevitable 12 seed victor:

1. Utah State

Team from my home state that has the worst chance of doing anything useful:

1. Wisconsin

#2 seed with burnt orange jerseys that will do damage:

1. Texas

#2 seed with burnt orange jerseys that will do no damage:

1. Tennessee

Worst mustache:

1. Adam Morrison

Teams I am ALWAYS very nervous about picking but ALWAYS do, regardless:

1. Syracuse
2. Gonzaga
3. UW-Milwaukee

Team that I am picking to win it all, despite the fact that everyone will pick them and I hate them and am actually rooting for a bus crash:

1. Duke

Team that is just as good as Duke but that I hate just as much that will probably screw me by winning it all:

1. Connecticut

Picks that might change depending on status of injuries:

1. George Washington (Pops Mensah-Bonsu)
2. Villanova (Allan Ray)

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13th March, 2006. 10:54 am.

If you like cartoons, read this.

If you like baseball, read this.

If you like physics, read this.

If you are alive, read this.



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