December 28th, 2005


(no subject)

ITEM: It's really dead here. Voice-echoes-in-the-hallway dead. Maybe it's because they locked all the doors.

QUERY: How often do you lose a glove?

EXPLANATION: I lost one glove on Saturday, found it on Sunday, and lost the other either last night or this morning.

QUERY: How lame is that?

ADMISSION: I didn't know it was Wednesday until ohsochewy asked me if the Rathskellar was open (no), as we typically eat lunch there on Wednesdays.

QUERY: How lame is THAT?

ITEM: Maxine knows how to play the harmonica. She also knows how to hit her father in the face with a harmonica.

QUERY: Which of these skills would you rather possess?

REALIZATION: THis should have been a poll, as it turns out.

JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT: Buddy Biancalana.

ATTENTION andamaroo, _sterno_ and other interested parties

Chipotle is good, but they do not have quesadillas. They also offer Tabasco (granted, 3 kinds) instead of that other kind that Qdoba has that I don't remember the name of but has a lady on the label and comkilserv says that there is a very distinctive odor under the cap once you've had it for a month or so but I won't tell anyone what that odor is because they should find out for themselves.


Qdoba is better.