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I am not a jerk

8th December, 2005. 9:06 am.

Dear Lyle Overbay,

Thank you for becoming popular despite being a complete average first baseman and letting us trade you for way more than you're worth.


Dear Doug Melvin,

Thank you for being a supergenius. Grow back your mustache.


Dear Shea Hillenbrand,

Thank you for not being a Brewer.


Dear Jose Capellan,

Do you realize that, effectively, we got you for Wes Obermueller and the right to NOT have Danny Kolb for his pumpkin season?


Dear Dan Kolb,

We don't like pumpkins. Please revert to prior form. KTHXBYE.

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8th December, 2005. 11:59 am.

me: is it cool if I skip out out a couple hours early tomorrow?

boss: take the whole day, who cares!

I love this place

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8th December, 2005. 12:23 pm. IMPORTANT


Jennifer Flasher has moved to Beaver Dam


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