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I am not a jerk

16th November, 2005. 12:43 pm. ATTN: ohsochewy

Immediately after finishing lunch, I checked the mail.

There they were. Glorious in their glory and great in their greatness. Wisconsin Weeks. On the very day that they were supposed to arrive, no less.

Your "badgering" has done the trick.


ohsochewy's brace is supercool. she could easily beat dozens of people to shit with it, given proper arm mobility. it doesn't have a pirate ship on it, unfortunately, but could easily be fitted with a raygun, shotgun, handgun, or at the very least a shoulder-mounted supersoaker.

I could have done without all the cilantro mocking, though, but that is the price you pay for spending time with homullus

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16th November, 2005. 4:28 pm.

just because you smell bad doesn't mean that you're allowed to walk down the staircase on the left-hand side.

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