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I am not a jerk

24th October, 2005. 1:53 pm.

Ahman Green out for season


Would you care to revisit your position re: potential preseason trade of one Batman-favoring RB?

To refresh, I gave 6 main arguments as to why it'd be a good idea.

1. He's a FA at the end of the year, and may price himself out of GB (not likely, now)

2. The Pack is probably going to stink (uhh, correct)

3. Najeh Davenport is a capable NFL starting RB (uhh, not so much)

4. Packers could use some help on the defensive side, especially CB (yeah, I'd say so)

5. Green is at the age where NFL RBs tend to become injured (uhh, yup)

6. Green is at the age where NFL RBs tend to lose effectiveness (uhh, yup)


RUMOUR: Holmgren wants to rejoin the Packers (esp Favre & Ted Thompson). DISCUSS.

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