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I am not a jerk

1st August, 2005. 11:21 am.

MLB's trade deadline passed with nothing exciting happening.

In other exciting news, though:

  • Pineapple/Steak kabobs are great.
  • Whitewater isn't all that bad. Toppers stix remain awesome in WW, but marginal elsewhere.
  • control_group and kazac have cleaned the kitchen! Hurrah!
  • control_group has also dismissed the icky foods he had been collecting in the fridge. I think he remembered that we weren't entering the science fair this year.
  • I have read, on brewerfan.net, that Rafael Palmeiro has gone and tested positive for steroids. He goes from most underwhelming hall-of-famer in my lifetime to liar, communist, and pervert. Actually, he was already a pervert (viagra ads) and a communist (he's from cuba).
  • Wonka brand BottleCaps are really good. Especially the root beer kind.

    Current mood: tired.

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