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I am not a jerk

12th July, 2005. 9:49 am.

With 14k remaining on the day, it looks like Lance is back in yellow. Will he hold on for #7?

I didn't think he would do it this year... but this first day in the Alps makes me think I might be wrong. Team Discovery Channel is _very_ strong.

It's unfortunate they don't have a fun nickname like they did when the USPS sponsored them. GO POSTIES sounds so much better than GO DISCOVERERS. Maybe GO DISCOS. Hmm.

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12th July, 2005. 12:01 pm.

Our secretary is listening to something that sounds like a train going off the tracks and running full-bore into an elementary school.

In actuality, it sounds like a cover album by Michael McDonald. Why he chose the songs he did are beyond me. None of them suit him.

So far, Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" and Martha & the Vandellas' "Nowhere to Run"


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