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I am not a jerk

29th June, 2005. 10:48 am.

I recently got a question from abercromb. She expressed interest in knowing exactly how one goes about generating 30-some comments on posts that (let's be honest here) are fairly to completely stupid.

I thought about turning her question into a poll, but it came to my attention that I really don't have any idea how that sort of thing happens. I steer clear of hot-button issues like politics as much as possible, in lieu of more down-to-earth subjects such as cake or office supplies.

So, dear reader, take a deep breath. Consider this question for a moment. Several moments. Then tell abercromb why it is that there are so damn many comments in this here LJ.

Current mood: curious.

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29th June, 2005. 4:11 pm. special for _guy_incognito

  • blah blah blah movie! blah blah stupid kevin smith blah blah movie blah blah.
  • poopli tivo blah blah lost duh
  • blah blah blah blah duh blah duh
  • what about those clowns in congress? what a bunch of clowns.
  • duh blah blah blah geek toy blah
  • duh duh duh duh randy moss blah
  • pearl jam pearl jam pearl jam pearl jam weird al pearl jam

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