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I am not a jerk

28th June, 2005. 9:24 am.

There is cake.

It is being heavily guarded.

Stay tuned for further updates.

EDIT: It has been cut. I can see it from here.

EDIT: It is white, AND it is chocolate. It has jam in the middle. It is frosting-laden. It is glorious. My piece says "ula" on it.

EDIT: No one is eating it! There's 2/3 of a cake left! They say it is TOO SWEET! Amazing. How will this affect our hero?

EDIT: The great cake edict of June '05 has come down from on high: No cakes before lunch! Will donuts, in the cake family, survive the cut? How will this affect danishes and pastries? WILL WE BE DOOMED TO CELERY AT ALL PRE-NOON CELEBRATIONS?

Current mood: excited.

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