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I am not a jerk

12th May, 2005. 11:10 am.

Finished reconciling the purchasing card in less than 2 hours today. Thank [deity of choosing], as it typically takes 1.5 days or so. Deadline to post edits is noon today. So, my 3 days of slacking haven't done much (if any) harm in the long run.

Tomorrow is Kathy's (derm's lone student) final day, as she is graduating. Two things come as a result of her departure. First and foremost, I'll have to do ALL of my own filing until we get a replacement. Second, I will be eating as much pizza as possible for lunch tomorrow.

In non-work news, control_group grounds into an inordinant number of double plays and kazac is a nerd.

control_group, do you know where your Xbox games are? I am supposed to play KotOR the first, or continue to be razzed by jerks such as graye and kingfox.

Current mood: productive.

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