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I am not a jerk

29th March, 2005. 10:04 am. In lieu of comments...

Listen, I have just caught up on LJ. Instead of commenting on 14,000 of your fabulous entries and then watching 14,000 entries for responses, I will present responses here.

  • Your bear ROCKS.
  • Happy birthday!
  • GO BADGERS!!!!
  • Shit.
  • Hot? The dude is a thug.
  • I'm interested! Compton is a jerk.
  • I don't think you read that book. I don't think you beat that game.
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Rock. Keep us updated.
  • No shit, dummy.
  • I should probably get around to watching one or both of those.
  • Hey, I want some cake, too.
  • TV is for jerks.
  • TV is for jerks.
  • TV is for jerks.
  • You did the right thing.
  • You did the wrong thing.
  • Why didn't you do something?!
  • I hope you feel better.

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