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I am not a jerk

23rd March, 2005. 1:27 pm.

Usually, when I go to Rocky's for lunch, I get to watch some of Two Guys Shouting About Sports. On lucky occasions, I might even be privy to Five Guys Shouting About Sports.

Today they were showing the 2001 Long Drive championships.

Needless to say, I didn't use my full 30 minutes at lunch today.

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23rd March, 2005. 2:07 pm. Justify Your Existence

I was perusing my info page, an activity that I haven't done lately, and have noticed a few odd names. Well, not so much odd, but new to me.

WELCOME ABOARD gynocide, ruudboy, and thelusciousone!


who the heck are you people?

Current mood: curious.

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