March 15th, 2005


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Friday has been declared BUCKY SUPPORT DAY.

This coincides nicely, of course, with the Big Red's first-round match in the NCAA Basketball tournament, and comes the day after the Badger Men's Hockey Team competes in the Frozen Five for the first time since the Jeff Sauer era ended.

Potential problems:

  • There's no way I don't get fired if I wear Hat Of Doom.
  • I wore my lone red shirt yesterday. This wouldn't be so bad, but if you check yesterday's entry, the washing machine has exploded.
  • Most of the rest of my Badger gear is in the form of shot glasses. Again, that might get me fired.

    MORAL: Sometime this week, I WILL BUY A BADGER TIE. It'll have to match a silver shirt, on account of all my white shirts aren't available (see again: Washing Machine Explosion).

    I've also noted in recent months that my Bucky plush doll that plays "On Wisconsin" if you throw it at someone no longer does so.

    thanks for coming out!
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