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I am not a jerk

1st March, 2005. 8:53 am.

Dear madolan,

Aileen has reached the ripe old age of eighty!
In her there's been much music, song, and dance.
Love like wind on sand designed her life,
Early on a mother and a wife.
Even in late years she's had romance,
Nor has she followed else but love and beauty.

Happy Birthday!



Current mood: joyous.

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1st March, 2005. 11:22 am.

so, look, I did that that free credit report dealy at www.annualcreditreport.com and it looks I have an (OH NO) TV bill outstanding from years and years ago. phearinc, I think I remember you and I not paying a few bills, but you've successfully purchased a home since then, so who knows.

Wild and wacky stuff. I'm not going to paid it either, because despite not remembering who I lived with, I do remember that the company was evil and deserved death or worse.

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1st March, 2005. 12:50 pm. I really didn't mean to post 3927 times today, but...


It looked so much nicer when I was growing up in it.

Does anyone have $219,900 I can have? (Note: not borrow. have.)

Current mood: retrospective.

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