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I am not a jerk

31st January, 2005. 11:14 am.

For a weekend that was pretty much entirely spent in the house, a good deal of interesting things occurred:

  • Ran into one Rebecca "Becky" Buckman at the local supermarket. For those of you that know/knew her, she now lives in my neighborhood and is interested in "doing things". She says hi to the entire WW crew, including non-LJers such as Vincent Q. "Italian Stallion" Orlando. SUPER congratulations to dewgirl and _guy_incognito on their marriage.

  • Beat KotOR II. Perhaps now I will be allowed to sleep. More likely, I will be able to focus on other video games again.

  • Watched Labyrinth and The Princess Bride with back2me, who hadn't seen the latter. Grievous mistake on her part. David Bowie's cock seems larger than it did when I was 7.

  • I forgot how cool Cost Plus World Market's beer selection was. Yay for build-your-own-sixpacks.

  • Steve's Wine Market also has good beer. This weekend's selection was a six pack of some London Porter featuring Winston Churchill on the label.

  • Cleaned the house while listening to James Brown at high volume. Fondly reminisced about phearinc in a completely heterosexual manner.

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