December 27th, 2004

sweet ass tux action BITCHES

Things Learned this Xmas weekend

  • As it turns out, even if one wants to purchase an XBOX, one is not certain to do so.
  • Shoes without holes are better than shoes with holes.
  • A 4 month old child will receive more Xmas presents than a 27 year old, 25 year old, 31 year old, 23 year old, 59 year old, 90 year old, and 48 year old combined.
  • I hate the Jeepney.
  • IF the Philadelphia defense isn't outscored by Torry Holt and David Akers by 25.67 points, I am fantasy football champion of the world.
  • Most of the previous is because I decided not to listen to _guy_incognito.
  • Said _guy_incognito probably benched Willis MacGahee and his 400 touchdowns.
  • Seemingly, one cannot have too many blue button-down shirts.
  • At Old Chicago, waitress thanks YOU. Perhaps they are Soviet Russians.
  • back2me is forbidden from watching Family Guy DVDs until she completes watching West Wing seasons 1-3. THis might be amended to 1-4.
  • NYE plans have not been made. Someone, perhaps adamgreeney, should look into this.
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