November 1st, 2004


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this weekend, I acquired:

  • a staggering drunkenness due to allergy meds and booze at dragodonna and comkilserv's house.
  • many props for a great halloween costume (pictures forthcoming) (probably)
  • a visiting grandfather
  • a #4 ranked football team in my city of choice
  • a .500 football team in my state of choice
  • a new CD burner (WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?)
  • almost no sleep
  • newfound adoration for Ray Charles. Go see the new movie about him.
  • a staggeringly complete lack of hair

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    andamaroo is my hero.

    Looks like I'll be in Whitewater for a bit next Thursday!

    UW-Whitewater professor will speak at library

    WHITEWATER-UW-Whitewater Professor Richard Haney will speak about his latest book, "When is Daddy Coming Home?: An American Family During World War II," at 7 p.m. Thursday Nov. 11 at the Whitewater Public Library, 431 W. Center St.

    This event is free and open to the public Refreshments will be served and the author will have books available for signing.
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