August 25th, 2004



Those of you with ninjas, and those of you that consistently wish harm upon others, NICE TRY!!

I'm looking at you, graye, andamaroo, and _sterno_.

The truck you sent wasn't wily enough, and minimal damage ensued. You have inconvenienced me, but I am ready and able to exact vengeance.

(seriously, though, what a retard. I'll have to take the car in for an estimate tonight or tomorrow. retard retard retard.)

I have ONE!! (1) gmail invite, if anyone is interested.
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Let me preface this by saying that I wasn't a huge fan of Microsoft or Office or Word or anything before the event I am about to describe but I, like countless others, have become accustomed/familiar/proficient at them in the workplace environment of modern America.
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Added a cut because, as it turns out, I am archaic and Word is not. Who knew. Thanks to control_group for his able-bodied research, conducted with a budget of under 15 USD.


Polly goodness. Let's see if one can edit a poll into an existing entry.


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