December 3rd, 2003



right, so, as promised, here's some highlights from my AOD class wrapup.

Highest BAC of semester: .538
# of BACs over .400: 8
# of hangovers: 6

# standard drinks: 418
$ spent on drinks: 442
$ spent per drink: $1.05

hours drinking: 158
# drinks per hour: 2.55

# of work hours: 197

further details available upon request
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so, yeah, a few of us have been discussing rolling stone's top 500 albums, over in andamaroo's journal.. you can find the actual list here:

it seemed bad form to post which ones i owned over there, because the list is longer than 2 (hi dewgirl)


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1. I like a LOT of the albums on the list, but don't have them because my mother does.

2. I don't actively listen to many of the albums I actually own.

3. The rolling stone list is suspiciously absent of people like leonard cohen, weird al, and the little blue crunchy things
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