November 11th, 2003


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yay for getting up in time to post before class
yay for getting up in time to post before going to esker before going to class
yay for shower
boo for having to go outside
boo for dontrelle willis
yay for *shoes*
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There is a squirrel infestation outside my window here, at work.

For those of you that know Whitewater (and, I assume, most college campuses), squirrels have their run of the place.

College students are very messy, and tend to leave food and trash everywhere.

Hence, the squirrel population is both well-fed and forward.

The critters in question today, however, are something much more. There's well over a dozen of them, and they aren't yielding to passersby, be it on foot or by motorized vehicle.

They don't appear to have any juicy morsels, either.

It puzzles me greatly. They're acting like turkeys.
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