November 5th, 2003

mesh funk

new car, caviar, 4 star..

boo for one of the above becoming a neccessity, pretty much.
boo for car needing repairs outweighing it's actual value
boo for _still_ having the wrong indy DVDs
yay for finishing PPT, and presenting it tonight
boo for NBA officials
boo for mail
boo for packages
boo for keys
yay for bacon
boo for chairs
boo for the floor
boo for outside
boo for inside


fuck capital one
fuck it right in the ear
boo boo boo
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    pink floyd - money
mesh funk


if anyone of you:

1. works for capital one
2. works with capital one
3. has a family member that works with or for capital one
4. possesses a capital one card
5. knows someone who possesses a capital one card
6. have ever seen a capital one commercial

...i apologize ahead of time, and assure you it's nothing personal, but i will murder you

sorry if this displeases you
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    james gang - walk away