September 30th, 2003


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a girl abruptly broke into tears in my last class.

she stopped almost as quickly as she started.

ten minutes later, she stood up and left.

this strikes me as odd.
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mesh funk

musings from the lab

I dislike the new system, here at good ol' UW-W, wherein printing now involves standing up, going to a second computer (or, standing in line to get to a second computer, usually), and then logging into said computer for EACH PRINT JOB YOU WANT TO PRINT. This is time-consuming, stupid, and completely assery.

However, it has allowed me to D/L something like 30 new (to me) Stan Rogers tracks, which is very pleasing.

But, it has also made me susceptible to any number of ninnies and cowards who think the lab is a great place for cellphone conversations and/or personal hygiene.

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