September 15th, 2003

mesh funk

violent use brings violent plans

My hangover (from SATURDAY, mind you) just went away this morning. Among people to blame, control_group is easiest.

However, in a self-reflective moment, it occurs to me that drinking mass quantities of alchohol for nearly 12 hours, directly after an evening that involved no more than 1.5 hours of sleep may not be a grand idea.

So, instead of blaming the aforementioned people (me, control_group) I've decided that it is comkilserv's fault.

it's just easier that way, somehow. plus, he has a bad new haircut.
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(no subject)

I just had this conversation, word for word, with a concerned parent of a WW student:

Me: Office of Residence Life, this is Ian

Concerned Parent: You, uhh.. you got them.. uhh.. computers?

Me: *pause*

Very Odd Parent: *cough*

Me: What was that again, sir?

Very Odd, Possibly Drunk, Parent: You know, uhh.. *cough* .. where you got them computers, yes?

Me: I'll transfer you to ResNet.

Brain Dead Parent: Thank, uhhh.. *cough* Them got the computers there?

Me: *pause*

Potentially Incarcerated Parent: *hangs up the phone*

i am very concerned about this person's well-being. and, given that said person can (at the very least) operate a telephone, i might even be concerned about my well-being, or at least ResNet's.

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mesh funk

i am officially a jackass

1. I have one class that I need to pass in order to graduate. It meets Monday nights.

2. This class - a seminar - only meets about 8 times a semester.

3. I missed today, because I am stupid. Stupider than usual, even.

4. Fuck.
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