September 8th, 2003


young friends and old whiskey are burning inside

Thursday: Got loaded at the gritty with many many sorts of people, including dylan41

Friday: Got loaded at the waters with many sorts of people, including dylan41, madolan, and hotbeatz41

Saturday: Oddly, did not feel well. But, yay for the WI football team (specifically, Lee Evans and Anthony Davis)

Sunday: Triumphant return to Wisconsin by my mother, not-so-triumphant return to the gridiron by the packers.

WEEKEND HIGHLIGHT: I have a flask of "real alaska crude", and I bet you don't. Suckers.
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mesh funk


I have lost my keychain.

It was (and still is, probably) an 8-ball of the billiards variety.

It was stolen fair and sqaure from Dunham's of Westgate, a prior employer.

If anyone sees it, GIVER HERE.
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