April 22nd, 2003



another exciting day! we learned about maps in history today! I almost cried, having learned about maps approximately 22 years ago.

in other news: I have decided that I am too tired to write a good paper, and am instead going to put in like 12 quotes (in a 5-pager) and keep my ragingly beautiful intellect to myself.

I hope the Brewers win tonight. I hope the Bucks win tonight. Instead, I'll be watching "13 Days" in my movie class tonight... I've heard it's hogwash. We'll have to see.... in any event, I am looking forward to our discussion-board reviews of the film, as all the people in my class are dopes (as 85-90% of poli sci students here at Whitewater seem to be)(NO OFFENSE, girlwithglasses, you're one of the good ones) and I'm a history major, which is quite relevant to the topic of the film (Cuban missile crisis)


that's all, suckos
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