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I am not a jerk

21st January, 2003. 9:25 am. i found you sleeping next to me, i thought i was alone


it's back to school time! although I took that there winterim class (NOTE: "winterim" is not a clever name for school during winter break), this is now the real deal. 15 credits, all in my major or minor, and including a historical research methods course that is the pre-req for my Senior Seminar course next year..

.. which means that graduation is right around the corner, finally.

in other news: it seems like my mood, on here, is ALWAYS "cranky", "sleepy", "tired", or "working"

that doesn't seem very saf

Current mood: sleepy.

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21st January, 2003. 9:02 pm. SWEET LOVING JESUS

I have a film class!

It's disguised as Contemporary Political Thought, but don't let the name fool you:


Deliverance! Apocalypse Now! Norma Rae! Roger & Me! Mr. Smith Goes To Washington! Thirteen Days! Brave New World! Etc!


Current mood: giddy.

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